Vancouver, Canada
Sunday, 13th June, 10:10 PM

EST. 1996

About Us

We are Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, providing our clients with full scope of consulting and ship design work: from feasibility studies and concept, through Class approval package, to production data. NaviForm Consulting & Research Ltd is incorporated in the Province of British Columbia. Our office is located in Vancouver, BC, on the Pacific coast of Canada.

NaviForm is privately owned. Your design will not end up with overseas owners, possibly resold to your competition. Our team is relatively small. That means your project will have our full attention, not lack of attention of a few junior employees in a large firm. A small firm is compelled to deliver simplicity, innovation and quality, on time. Simplicity of the design can be delivered by a team of six. Not sixty. Sixty employees means sixty different opinions.

Innovation is encouraged in small firms, it helps us surge ahead. It is quelled in large ones by multiple levels of management. Quality control can be assured by a small team, it is a losing game in big firms. On time delivery means the ability to start another project in a small firm.

Approximately 50% of our time is spent on research. The "Research" in our name is no accident. Supported by National Research Council Canada (NRC) and several classification societies, we focus on developing new technologies, protected by international patents. Our solutions cannot be replicated. We apply them in our design work, giving you, for the set of parameters you requested - carrying capacity and speed - a hull that is smaller, less expensive to build, and less costly to operate.