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EST. 1996

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NaviForm ATLAS line of PSV design covers the deadweight range from 900 to 6,100 mt. Our ATLAS PSV are currently optimized and pre-engineered in five hull breadth sizes (the number refers to breadth in feet), each in S (Small), M (Medium) and L (Long) version. All ATLAS PSV share the following cost saving features:

  • 100% flat or developable surfaces, hydrodynamically advanced hull form. Not one square centimeter or inch of compound curvature, even in bow bulb. Form optimized in CFD and numerous model testing for minimum power. The only design on the market featuring resistance saving integrated (rather than conventional add-on) skeg. Each form designed to maximize plate size and minimize welding.
  • Engine Room on main deck, maximizing cargo carrying capacity.
  • Structural design significantly reducing number of steel pieces, with an option of eliminating brackets.

Other types of PSV have been and can be custom designed. However, if you wish to configure one of below sizes to best match your requirements enter your password or for custom design, contact us at .

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